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Who Is Bobby?

August 2007

My story begins in 2002 when my first daughter Emily was born.
We had a name giving and relatives from out of state attended. Among these was my 11 year old cousin Cam. My daughter seemed quite taken with him and laughed each time he spoke.
A few months later Cam was killed in hit and run. A week or so after that Emily started acting strangely. She would start pointing at a corner of our roof and laugh, clap her hands and such. We never saw what she was looking at.

By the end of 2002 she had started talking. Now along with the pointing she would exclaim 'Bobby' over and over. Things became more real after that.

My mother, an avid disbeliever gave a squeal while washing the dishes one night. She told me something just pinched her. Pacing with the baby one night she was followed for half an hour by an inflatable ball. All the while Emily babbled about Bobby.
Later, with the baby asleep I checked out the ball, the boards under the carpet, checked for static etc. Nothing I could see made the ball follow my mum.
Our cat started acting strangely, bolting and trembling, howling. Things started to disappear, only to reappear later in the strangest places.

When Emily was three I moved out of my mother's home into my own with a friend. Things were quiet both at mum's and my home for a couple of months and we forgot about Bobby.
Then my daughter started up again and things started to go missing.
A jar of coffee would vanish and turn up a month later. A video of an old band my friend and I liked back in high school turned into three videos. Later one copy vanished. Music would turn on by itself. We would return home to find all our lights on. One time we returned home early from a visit to my mother to find our coffee table covered in soot and ashes.

One night we had my friend's sister Steph over and we told her about Bobby. She didn't believe us. Half an hour later we were watching tv before bed and my house keys flew from the coffee table between us and smacked into the TV. A thought popped into my head. I had forgotten to lock the front door.

In early 2006 Emily forgot about Bobby and doesn't recall ever speaking of him. Occasionally I or a friend catch a glimpse of someone dashing through our hallway. In July 2006 I had my second daughter Bethany. She has just started talking and sometimes points and laughs at nothing and giggles 'bobby'. I haven't much knowledge on the matter but i think he may be here to stay. He's part of the family.

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