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Who Is He?

August 2003

Ever since I was little (well I am still young, 15 yrs. old) I have always felt 'something' in my house. I used to tell my mom when I was younger, like for example 3 yrs. old, that there was a man in my tree. At first it frightened her, but she later passed it off as a wild imagination because thats also when I started telling little lies.

I 'grew' out of seeing the man in my tree around the age of 12. I started feeling as if I was always being watched but when I told my mom about this she said that I watched too many horror movies.

I would also hear things like whispering at night or knocking and clicking noises. I brushed the knocking and clicking off because I noticed that when the wind blows, my room would creak, I'm not sure why, it's the only room in the house that does so and it's all one story. But the whispering would often frighten me because it always seems so close. I could reach out and touch whatever was making the noise.

Soon after the whispering started, I started having the strangest dreams. They make me want to cry still to this day. Once, I remember this because it was the one that frightened me the most. I dreamt that I was running in a basement, my basement to be exact, but I never turned around to see what was chasing me but it was like I just knew. I came to the 'back room' and the wall was caved in, only at the top and I couldn't see anything in it, it grew darker and I backed up into the corner of the room. The room got so dark that I couldn't even make out where the doorway was anymore and it got icy cold. I heard walking and it started coming closer and closer and the closer it got the faster it was. Then suddenly it stopped in the doorway and it got silent. I could hear breathing and could feel someones eyes on me. Then whatever or whoever it was took another step and paused, then another and paused. It did this until I could feel the breath in my face but it was as if it could not see me. Then I reached my hand out and touched the face of someone. Thats when I woke up to find myself standing in the middle of my room with my arm stretched out.

That was the last dream I have had and there were many before that but this one is what cause whoever was in the basement to come out. The weird thing is, that back wall is now caved in, and my mom and I swear that there is 'something' in our basement and we hear walking noises a lot.

This is my latest story and the most frightening.

I was on-line chatting with my best friend when I started to feel eyes watching me from in the kitchen. Then as quickly as the feeling came it was gone. I then heard walking in the dining room and I told my friend that I think one of my parents were up, it was around 10:55 at that time and they get up very early to go to work. I got up to check and see who was walking around to find no one there at all. And then when I went back into the computer room. It said that I sent a message to my friend in a different language. We both, still, have no idea what it says or how it was sent.

At 11:00 that night I got off the computer to go to bed. And found myself very uneasy and even hesitated about even walking into the dining room, but I had to walk through there to get to my room. I quickly walked to my room and closed my door tight making sure it could not open. I then opened my bedroom window because it being summer I like to listen to the bugs while I go to sleep. I turned off my light and looked out my window. It was going on 11:05, I know that because I have about six clocks in my room and I glanced at one. I was just getting ready to get up and go to bed when I saw a man, maybe late teens early twenties, walking down my road. I watched confused for we have a curfew in my town and most everyone obeys it. I watched him for a minute when suddenly he stopped. Now my light was off and I know he couldn't see me, but he stopped and turned and looked straight at me. Now I don't get scared easily and I don't mess around with the paranormal. And I swear on everything I love that the man I saw that night was not...well 'right'. He was wearing blue jeans and had on a dark colored shirt which was tucked into his jeans. His hair was a bit on the shaggy side and he had a manly build. But there was something 'wrong' with his eyes, they were the brightest blue I have ever seen. And when I say bright I mean they glowed. They were on the whitish side but you could see the blue. And they were so sad, I started crying right when I saw his face, although I did not even realize I crying until I touched my face. Now I know for a fact that I only looked out my window for a short time, a few minutes maybe, but when I turned away I happened to look at my clock and it was 1:30 in the morning. I don't know how time went by so fast. All I know is what I saw, what I remember and that still to this day someone is in this house, and I saw him that night.

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