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Who Knew When We Bought the House?

Jayne Kamal, CA, USA
October 2000

About 10 years ago my husband, my three year old son, and I moved into a new house. It wasn't newly built, just new to us. We got moved in on the weekend and finally slept there on Sunday night. My husband and I got our son to bed and had just lay down in our beds when we heard a huge boom. Not like a sonic boom, just like something really big had fallen down. We were scared, didn't know how to protect ourselves if it was an intruder. My husband grabbed a baseball bat and we went looking.

Nothing out of the ordinary was found. We spent a couple normal weeks there and then all of a sudden I started having dreams that an old man was trying to strangle me. I would wake up gasping and hiding my head under the covers. Weird. My husband said maybe I just wasn't used to the new house.

So, one night I was sitting on the couch reading a book. My three year old son was sitting across from me and was playing with his Leggo's on our coffee table. He was very happy and building all sorts of things. Suddenly he stopped what he was doing and his eyes started looking across the room and down the hall. I asked him what he was doing and he replied. "I'm just watching that old man." "What old man?" I asked. "The old man that went into your bedroom." This scared the heck out of me! I went down to my bedroom to take a peek. My husband was at his desk studying. I asked him if he noticed anything weird and he said. "Nope, why?" Since that night I never felt comfortable in that house. The dreams continued on and off until we moved out 5 years later.

Jayne Kamal, CA, USA
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