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Who Moved The Furniture

Susan Hunter, Indiana, USA
June 2007

Ten years ago I moved into an old restored mansion that had four other people and the owner living there. The owner of the place was from a well to do family and received a huge portion of his inheritance in the mid 1980s. He decided to use the money for a home so he purchased this old place that had been made into tenement housing. He got all the druggies and bums to move and started fixing the place up on his own.

The history of the house is quite interesting as it was built by one of four brothers that had started a large engine corporation here in Indianapolis, the man built the home in the early 1900s for his new wife. It is an old English Tudor style home with a three car attached garage, also, the attic is quite large and has always been referred to as the belfry.

After my friend refurbished the place he would rent rooms to pay the mortgage and for the company. The house was always full of people and something was always going on somewhere. I lived in the basement in the old billiards room along with a roommate in the next room. There were a couple of times I was home alone and down in my room when I would hear someone upstairs scooting furniture around. I would page the whole house on the intercom to see who was doing it, but I wouldn't get an answer. I went upstairs through the whole house to find no one else home, nothing would be moved either. This happened to me twice while living there for the brief nine months.
When the owner returned home I asked him if he was around earlier and he said no. I told him what happened and he said that previous roommates had mentioned similar incidents like hearing laughing or a feeling of heaviness in certain hallways. I never felt afraid or like there was a malevolent force, just some left behind spirits not wanting to leave or the liking the furniture arrangement.

Susan Hunter, Indiana, USA
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