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Who Said You Can't Take it With You?

January 2003

Okay, this is not a exactly a scary or even a ghost story but it is weird.

My grandfather had lived in Mississippi for all of his life. From the time he was about 30 he was diagnosed with some kind of heart problems (I'm not exactly sure what kind they were).

He loved his childhood house, which he also lived in all his life.When he died I kinda lost faith in the afterlife and even my religion. I prayed for a sign every night.

After the funeral my family said we should go to his childhood house. It was out in the country and there was nothing left but a chimney, it burned down when it was struck by lightning. Anyway we just wanted to see it, I had only seen it once.

When we arrived the chimney had fallen down. We went to the person who lived a couple of yards away and asked if he knew what happened.

He told us that he and his wife had been out keeping care of their garden when all of the sudden he heard the chimney fall (he didn't know it was the chimney at the time). He went out front and looked and saw it in a pile.

What was weird about this is the date. It happened the date my grandfather died!

He also said he went out there the next day and the bricks were gone.

Who says you can't take it with you?

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