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Who The Hell Are You?

New South Wales, Australia
October 1998

About six years ago I lived in a two bedroom duplex with my partner and six month old daughter. First I'll need to give you a brief description of the flat. Every room in the flat was situated on the left hand side, with a REALLY, REALLY long hallway on the right. The living room was just inside the front door, then the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, second bedroom and master bedroom, all in a straight line, one after the other. For some reason the builder only put in one light switch for the hallway, so you needed to switch off the light near the lounge room and walk to the bedroom in the dark.

One night some friends came over and they kind of outstayed their welcome, so I went off to bed with huffs (actually I was P***ED OFF something shocking). When I awoke some hours later the whole place was quiet and I was alone in bed. Because I was so angry I thought I'd sneak out to the lounge room and see what everybody was up to (I couldn't believe they were so quiet, had they all finally become less selfish). I crept down the hallway, only to find the place in darkness and nobody there. Well, that was it. I figured my other half had just up and left with his friends and I wasn't going to take it any longer (you can't imagine how angry I was), so I turned around to go back to bed and wait up for him. When I turned around I saw a figure standing right behind me, leaning up against the wall. Because I had not turned a light on as yet, I couldn't make out any features, just the general shape. He was standing so close I could have almost reached out and touched him.

Assuming it was my boyfriend, I thought he'd just popped into our daughters room to check on her before coming to bed and I must have walked straight past him in the dark. I was still really angry so I demanded "where the hell have you been"?. He just stood there with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall. I couldn't believe he wasn't going to answer me, so I yelled at him "don't just ignore me, I deserve the respect of an answer". At the same time I reached for the hall light switch which was just above my shoulder. When the light came on there was absolutely nothing there. I stood still wondering what the hell had happened. I knew that it wasn't my eyes playing tricks in the dark because I'd been wandering around in the dark for a good five minutes. I could make everything out perfectly. And this shape was so definite. Well, I freaked. My heart was in my mouth and I felt paralyzed with fear. I ran to my daughters bedroom, plucked her out of bed, and ran out the house where my darling boyfriend found us three hours later (about 5.00am) locked in the car, peering out the windows at any slight noise.

To this day I've never found out what I saw. When I tried to ask the old lady next door (who was usually so lovely and placid) about the history of the land or the house that used to be there (her and her husband owned a house which was torn down after he died), she went all quiet then started yelling at me that I was just a silly little girl (I was 24 at the time), and to stop trying to cause trouble. (Something fishy there).

I never did see it again, and we moved shortly after that. Although it didn't appear to want to hurt me, I didn't like the fact that it was standing so close to me, kind of leering. I still get the creeps if anybody stands too close to me without being invited.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share my experience.

New South Wales, Australia
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