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Who Was That?

Miranda,Ohio, USA
August 2000

First let me start off with a little background about where and who I was staying with when this happened. I was 14 (now 24) and living with my dad, stepmother and 2 brothers and my sister in a small old home in southern Ohio. The basement of this house was partially finished into a bedroom and this is were I chose to make my room. The upstairs of the basement went right past my room and were in full view anytime I was down there. (This is important to the story).

One night about 11 pm I was in my room separating clothes to do the laundry when I heard some noise like someone was on the other side of the basement. I glanced up to look over there and saw a small blonde head. Thinking that it was my two year old sister I decided to go over and put her little butt back to bed. I didn't occur to me to wonder how she got down there with out me seeing or hearing her but anyway. I walked over to the other side of the basement and said "Sarah". That's when I saw this small blonde child approximately 2 to 3 years old. I'm still not sure if it was a boy or a girl. When I said Sarah this child turned to look at me and then just faded away. I stood in shock for a moment. Then I ran up the basement stairs and to the upstairs were everyone else was asleep. I first checked on the kids and they were all in bed asleep. So I knew that it wasn't my sister and if it was she wasn't in the habit of fading away. I still don't know who this child was and I never saw it again. The only thing that I have figured out in the past ten years since this has happened is that all the paranormal happening I have witnessed have something to do with my dad.

I am no longer in contact with him and nothing has happened.

Miranda,Ohio, USA
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