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Who Was That Man?

May 2009

My experience occurred when I was 16 years of age, I have changed the name of the people involved.

I was watching ‘The Amityville Horror’ with my friends and we started talking about ghosts. I asked "Eve" if she believed in ghosts and she told us that she did in fact believe and that her house was haunted. I, along with the rest of the group shrugged it off as "Eve" trying to scare us. Two weeks later we had again gathered at "Eve's" house. We started discussing if anyone would use an Ouija board, after several hours discussing it we concluded that we wouldn't use one as none of us had any experience with dealing with them and didn't want to do anything we may have regretted. "Thomas" then asked "Eve" what the history of her house was and "Eve" responded that there was a man who would walk the hallway at night and that she felt he was not a nasty spirit, basically leave it alone and it'll leave you alone she said. We continued talking until the early hours of the morning and decided to call it a night.

I went to sleep in the guest room and at about 3:00am I awoke to use the bathroom, Now, "Eve’s" house is the kind with the long hallway and the bathroom just past the landing to the stairs to go to the second floor, so when you walk past the landing you can see what’s up on the second floor, quite spooky sometimes, I went to the bathroom and was walking past the landing on my way back to my bedroom when I looked up at the top of the stairs to see somebody walk past, I thought it was her dad, so I called out "Sorry to wake you Dave" and waited for an answer but didn't get one, in my sleepy state I thought little of it and went back to my room. In the morning while we were having breakfast I asked "Dave" if that was him I had woken during the night and seen on the stairs, He replied with a simple no and told me I had been dreaming, "Dave" is a strong skeptic and refuses to acknowledge anything supernatural, basically if he can't see it, it doesn't exist.

I told "Eve" what I had seen and she calmly told me that the spirit wouldn't bother me because it could sense that I was not a threat, I'm not sure if she was telling the truth there, can somebody verify that for me?? Can spirits sense if you are a threat or not? Anyway, back to the story. Days went by without any second thought to the ghost and that was it. What happened next really surprised me. I went back to "Eve’s" house one night and her Aunty "Sandra" told me she had seen the man as well. That night I was heading outside for a cigarette and proceeded to walk out of the front door as I did not want to disrespect their home by smoking in their house, After I finished my cigarette I headed back inside and walked up the stairs to the game room, I didn't know what came over me but I felt a sense of fear that the spirit was angry with me for smoking in what it probably felt was its house.

I got to the game room and as I walked in I felt the sense of fear again and wouldn't go into the room. I called out to "Eve" and told her I felt uncomfortable in her house and that I was going home, she replied that I was been silly and told me to stay, so after some convincing I decided to spend the night......NEVER AGAIN!!!. That night I was lying in bed, my bedroom door was open and I could see out into the hallway, which I didn't like, I had the feeling I was been watched, It sent shivers down my spine, I looked to the end of my bed to see this man standing there, he was wearing what looked like a khaki sweater, other times I had seen this man I was not bothered but I was genuinely terrified and closed my eyes thinking if I couldn't see it, it would go away, boy was I wrong, I opened my eyes several seconds later to see the figure still standing there, I said calmly "go away" followed by "please go away you're scaring me",
then closed my eyes, when I opened them, the man was gone

The next morning I told "Eve" I was no longer coming to her place, I had been scared bad that night and had slept with the light on, I cannot verify this, but I think the man was a smoker who passed due to his smoking and was not happy that I was following the same path, I have never gone back to her house and "Eve" still tells me that the man is still in the house. Neither of us have been able to find out any information about the man, we still wonder who this man is, what his background was and if he was a harmful spirit, because even though we felt him to be a calm spirit, my last night in that house really changed my mind.

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