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Why, Saint's Alive

April 2004

By definition these days, one could really not consider me a devout Catholic. I do not go to church and I disagree with some of the old views (unlike my grandfather who believes that if you do not accept and live by them - and if you're not Catholic - you're going to Hell.) However I do believe in the miracles of saints.

One day at my Grandpa's house I found a novena to St. Anthony. After reading it, I asked him if I could type it up to use. He was more than happy to allow me to do so. Before I left he also gave me a small statuette of the saint as well.

After about a week of using the prayer something very strange happened. About 3:30 A.M. one morning, I was awoken to a very strong presence by my bed. Realizing it was not the energy of an ordinary "house spirit", I started to pray vigorously all the prayers I knew.

A fragile calm came over me, and then I knew it wasn't an evil entity. So I mustered up some courage and switched on my lamp. I was compelled to look at the small statue on my clock-radio and was shocked! The lips of the saint seemed to move as if he was having a conversation with the Christ-child he held.

"I must be losing it," I thought as I put on my glasses. When my eyes came into focus I looked the statue again. I gasped in disbelief! It no longer looked like a small statue, but a small man holding an infant. Indeed they were speaking as I could see the jaw move up and down.

I wanted to turn away; scared and in awe at the same time, yet the two characters in intrigued me. I tried to make out their words, but I have never been that good at reading lips.

Sleep finally came over me, and when I awoke, I examined the statue. The eyes were not as clear as they were just a few hours before. The lips were painted on and I could not see a defined jaw-bone as I saw earlier.

It has happened more than once now. I no longer find these experiences frightening, but rather comforting. It is pleasant knowing that there is someone trying to help me from the other side. Catholics call praying to saints intercession and use their statues as a focus. It is not idol worship as some other religions wish to believe. I guess God is often busy, and by his power, he sends others to grant the prayers and petitions we ask for.

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