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Wild Eyes

New York, USA
January 2000

To think of the look in this person's eyes still gives me the creeps and makes my eyes water with fear to this day.

My twin was picking me up at work late one evening. I was at my office finishing a paper for school and all alone in my tiny office in a small business district by an airport strip in the middle of the desert. As we turned out the drive we followed the last bit of paved road before we hit a traffic light that would lead us to the desert road that we traveled home on.

As we approached the light we were listening to a good Alman Bros. or Santana song and having a good old time singing and grooving and just being teenagers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car pull up next to us (the only one other than us on the deserted road) and I casually glanced over. Man, that face still haunts me. As I looked over the person in the car next to us had a very pale, almost translucent face and wild, curly black hair. Her hands were clenched to the steering wheel and her face was completely turned to face us. She had a disturbing smile, very large white teeth and the edges of her mouth seemed to engulf the whole bottom portion of her face. Her eyes were hollow black and piercing. I didn't see any whites in them, only large, black and freaky. I was really scared and told my twin to look over at the person in the car next to us.

She freaked out and we took off. The car effortlessly kept pace with us. Each time I looked over the person was still staring at us, never taking her eyes off of us and not looking at the road from what I could see. The car she was driving seemed to be floating at the same force of speed as ours. We tried to lose her, but couldn't. The tiny dirt road was narrow and bumpy and pitch dark. We finally turned down a side road and she was gone. To this day when my sister and I speak of that woman we get tears in our eyes. Who was she? Why was she smiling so wide, and why where her eyes so dark and piercing and prominent? Sometimes I'll tell the story to friends and try to imitate her face. I freak them out every time. I can't explain what happened. Maybe the lady was just a strange person, maybe more.

New York, USA
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