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Willie's Antics

Angie, NSW, Australia
March 2005

Willie', as the ghost in my house has come to be known, started out making his presence known in small incidents which, at the time seemed pretty trivial- yet now I've had a brush with him, I've worked out that it was him all along.

At first, I would notice things and it seemed only I was really paying attention. Small things, strange things, began happening about 3 years ago when I was around 15. The bread would fall off the bench after I had left the kitchen, even when I was home alone and it got to the point where I would deliberately set the bag on the bench against the adjoining wall. I would hear the familiar "fwoomp" of the bag and its contents land on the floor. After that, things got a bit weirder.

I would come home from school to hear sounds from our study. It sounded as though all the papers from our filing cabinet and all the draws were being strewn about! Immediately I thought we had an intruder so I grab the biggest knife I could find and poke my head around the corner of the back hallway to look into the study. Nothing. Not a thing out of place, not another person in the house. I was by myself and I know I wasn't imagining it because it's happened on more than one occasion. Since then, I have been home alone to hear what sounded like my entire room being ripped to shreds, my cupboard being tipped, all the heavy objects in my room being tipped. I could even feel the vibrations in the floor so again, I thought there was an intruder so I grabbed the portable phone and ran out into the backyard. My bedroom window ran along the side of our house and we had been robbed once before when we had been on holidays so I thought that could be what was happening. Next thing, my parents had come home so I BOLTED out the front to warn them so my dad went in only to find the TV on just as I had left it and nothing out of the ordinary. So, I say to them, "Yeah well if we had no intruder, then look at my room!" and I opened the sliding door to my room only to find it was 100% tidy! My window was firmly locked and bolted and there was no way someone could have gotten in! I started freaking out.

One night, when I was in year 11, things took another turn when my mum woke up to find a man standing next to her as she slept. I was up late finishing an assignment and I was just settling into bed when I heard "GET OUT OF MY ROOM! GO ON GET OUT!!" Mum yelled at this man, she said, until he dissolved (as she described it) into the wall! The next morning however, she denied it ever happening, I think so as that I didn't freak out (too late!).

After that I started catching glimpses of light moving then one day I saw an entire foot emerge from the hallway as if attached to someone just walking out to the yard. JUST a foot. Now I feel the presence of "Willie" and I can almost sense him moving from in a diagonal pattern from the study through the kitchen to the bathroom and back again. Sometimes he stands in the hallway and I can feel him watching and it makes me quite uncomfortable. He's not malevolent, just unnerving. One day however, I was on the phone to my friend when, in broad daylight, Willie walks through the swinging doors into the study and he actually made them swing! I thought it was my mum until I reaslised she had left for work 20 minutes earlier. That was the FIRST time I saw him completely. He didn't look at me though; I just saw his hair and body. Then we had a few bad storms several weeks ago and I turned around to catch, what I thought, was my mum going through the swinging doors into the kitchen so I followed her to ask her to come look at the hail (it was massive!) so I get into the kitchen only to find she's not in there and so I called "MUM?" and she walks out from the study which was behind me and said she had been sitting in the THE WHOLE TIME! So, naturally, my eyes nearly popped out of my head and when she saw my reaction she immediately put two and two together and started laughing because she realized I had just seen Willie.

I asked my Dad if he knew anything about the previous own but all he could tell me was that it was a deceased estate and the old man who had lived there before us was the only other resident and he passed away.

Perhaps Willie is just the Old man trying to tell us he still lives here?

Angie, NSW, Australia
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