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Window Well

Karli, CO, USA
September 2002

First off, I would like to say that my story is all true.

I was 12 when we moved into our new house. I was very excited, as one might be. I got my own room, and a bigger house. At first I thought that the house was very cool. That all changed once we moved in.

I had the room closest to the front door. My sister and brother shared a room next to mine. We shared a closet that connected. Being 12 years old, I was very curious and wanted to look around the WHOLE house. So when my parents left, I would gather my sister and brother and look around.

We looked at the usual places, the bathroom, the parents room, the kitchen, and the back porch. Well, we missed an area of the house, The basement. So we decided to go and look.

At first we were scared that something would get us, like a monster or something. Well, nothing ended up getting us. Down the stairs were two rooms. One with a door and one that you enter right when you are off the stairs. I, of course, had to look in the dark room with the door. So I headed in.

As I walked through the door, I felt something cold fly through me. I turned and saw nothing. I proceeded. The room was empty. I stood there for about 10 minutes, just looking. Finally, I heard something behind me. I thought it was my sister or brother playing tricks so I said "STOP" but it didn't. Then, I saw it. Two large red glowing eyes sitting in the window well. I was in shock for about 1 second and then it hit me to run, so I grabbed my siblings and ran as fast as I could up the stairs.

We waited in my parents room with flash lights and butter knifes. Nothing happened for about 4 years after that.

I was moved into the basement with the window well, by this time I was 16 and I had forgotten about what had happened. I was listening to music when I heard something hit the window. I ignored it thinking it was a cat or something, but when it happened more and more, I got scared. I turned my music low, and listened. Along with the banging on the window I could hear a type of low growling. A growling that none of my cats could do. I thought that if I could make some sort of noise it would scare it away, so I barked. It stopped and then I heard the sound of breaking glass. The window was cracking and breaking. I backed away, hoping I was dreaming. Then it happened. The glass broke completely. My blinds flew to the floor. As I watched this happen, I crawled into the closet and hid.

Standing 1 foot above the ground stood a figure of a beast. It had long arms and long legs, a black cape covered its body. But it had the head of a man. The eyes were large glowing red, staring straight at me. I screamed and closed my eyes. When I woke up, I was laying in my moms bed. She said she heard me scream, and ran down the stairs. She said that when she got to my door that it was locked and she couldn't get it open, and that she could hear me yelling. She said that she could also hear something else moaning, or yelling. She stood there trying to get the door open for about 15 minutes, when it stopped. She backed away from the door, and waited. The door swung open and the lights turned on.

Now, after she told me this I was very confused. See my door doesn't have a lock on it. So that would make it impossible for it to lock, and when the door opened, my mother said the lights turned on, well the lights were on in the first place. My light switch is on the wall on the way down to my room. I didn't turn them on and when she came down, she saw that the light switch was on.

Nothing has happened after this. I still sleep in the basement, but the window well is now full with dirt and flowers.

I know that was long, but it is true.

Karli, CO, USA
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