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Winter Ghost

Brett, WA, Australia
June 2002

This happened to me about 7 years ago (I was 22yrs old at the time), when I was working as a Bread Carter delivering to Supermarkets & small shops.

I have always believed in the Supernatural and Paranormal, and have experienced a few things over the years to make me more aware of 'stuff'. This particular event happened one Saturday morning in the middle of winter at about 3.30am. I had just delivered some bread to a small Deli and was on my way to another supermarket about 400 metres up the road (a Retirement Home was located about midway between these) when I happened to look out the drivers side window and noticed an elderly man walking down the road dressed in white. Now this itself wasn't strange, except that it was about 3 degrees (celcius) and I had the truck heater on full and thought to myself how crazy this man was walking in nearly freezing temperature without any coat on.

As I drove past I looked in the mirror to see where he was going, but he wasn't there, he just disappeared. I slowed down to have a look to see if I could see where he was but he was surely gone. This scared the hell out of me, so I put my foot down and got out there as fast as the truck would go.

When I got to my next stop I unloaded in record time, as I didn't want to be there (as it was about 200 metres from where I saw the 'ghost') in the dark. I don't know if someone had died at the Retirement Home and there spirit was leaving or what it was. I was thinking of going to the Home but decided not to.

Anyway that's my encounter I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Brett, WA, Australia
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