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Wolf Creek Cemetery

Brady, AL, USA
August 2015

Last night, myself and a small group of friends decided to go on a ghost hunt. This was our second time visiting this particular cemetery, but the happenings on our first trip peaked my interest as a new ghost hunter and after some persuading, I convinced my small group to accompany me.

In our first trip, as I drove the circle driveway to get the vehicle turned around for a hasty retreat, I saw a light dash across the graveyard, then suddenly disappear as it reached the driveway. Upon exiting the vehicle, my friend B saw yet another light appear out of the woods and run behind our vehicle. Neither of us said anything about the lights we had seen, fearing it may had just been paranoia considering it was almost midnight in a dark creepy cemetery.

Upon walking up to the grave stones we heard something moving in the woods. We figured it must have been an animal such as a possum or raccoon, since this graveyard is almost a mile from any residency. We took a lot of pictures, and tried to speak out to any spirit that may be lingering, but we had been on the road for hours and gave up quickly so we could all get home to our beds. As we walked back to the truck, B hurt his ankle. We suspected he just twisted it in the dark and again thought nothing of it.

Once we got in the truck, it all started to hit me. I spoke up about the light and asked B and the other accompanying S if they saw anything. B spoke up and explained he had also saw a light, and that's when it all made sense. The strange lights, the movement in the woods, the hurt ankle, and now to add to the list I contracted an unbearable migraine the moment I put the truck in drive.

We decided to take a few pictures from the safety of the truck before we left. The next day B looked at the photos from the night before, and saw the evidence I was personally longing for. A face, tinted green, was pressed against the back window of the truck, peering inside at us. After he sent the photo to me, he revealed that there was a bruise in the shape of a hand print on his ankle. I knew then we had to go back.

Two weeks later, last night on May 6th 2016, we went back to the same cemetery. By now we knew there was something out there. B and I wanted more proof, whether the other two wanted it or not. When we stepped out of the truck the air felt thick, and it felt like walking into an ice box. We immediately started taking pictures, and calling out to the spirits once again, however they didn't answer. I for one could definitely feel a presence out there with us from the moment we arrived. I wasn't leaving without another experience. This cemetery has caught my interest, and I feel drawn to it for some reason.

I felt more brave than I did before, I almost wanted whatever is out there to jump out at me. I started walking through the graveyard taking pictures in all directions. S was also taking pictures, almost as frequently as I was. I knew we had caught something on camera again when his phone suddenly froze, and switched to record. We agreed he should just record then, but sadly it yielded no results.

We walked further into the cemetery to discover an infant's grave. It's never a happy sight to see that, but I took a picture anyway. We said our respects, and turned to walk away. We had taken no more than 5 steps when I heard something running, almost sprinting behind, and it was catching up fast. I turned quickly to see nothing, then turned back around to ask B if he heard what I did. He replied with a simple "Yep." And continued to pick up speed. I followed behind until we were beside the part of woods where we heard the sounds of footsteps two weeks prior. We stood there for around 5 minutes taking as many pictures as we could. Nothing showed on camera but the entire group heard the footsteps, and after a while noticed a steep drop off on the woods. None of us had the guts by now to step down into the trench but you could feel a kind of weight pressing down on you as looked down into it, and even feel a chill run down your spine.

We had enough by now and decided to leave. We again kept up with tradition and took pictures out of the windows. B started to look at the pictures S had taken only minutes ago, and that one picture made everyone in the truck a believer. There wasn't a puff of smoke in the air that night however there was a manifestation in smoke in this picture. S claimed the picture was all but blank when he took it, and it was also the last picture taken before the phone mysteriously switched to record. In the picture you can make out a skull, a second figure in smoke, and what appears to be a corpse laying in the grass. We decided we had more than enough for one night and departed from the cemetery.

As we turned onto the main road, the truck stopped moving. It was in drive but wouldn't budge. Almost like something was holding us back. We shifted gears three times before it would move, but since we were out of the cemetery we thought it was just the transmission, but B had his doubts. We pulled up at a friends' house to check out the pictures we had taken and listen to the video as well. Sure the pictures were creepy, and several features smoky/hazy figures, but the worst part was the hand prints on the hood and passenger side window. We also heard of a rumor after reaching our safe haven that the footsteps we heard in the woods weren't from a possum or raccoon. They were the footsteps of a pair of FBI agents who went missing out there some time ago. Perhaps still looking for whatever they were trying to find back then. It makes me wonder those hand prints also belonged to the very same agents, maybe trying to ask us some questions, or maybe even trying to find some help.

So if you're in the Carbon Hill area, and have truck and spare time one night, I recommend checking out this cemetery on Wolf Creek road. Just look for the green reflective sign in the middle of nowhere.

Brady, AL, USA
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