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Woman's Voice Part 1

Kevin Kinkade, Austin, Texas, USA
November 1997

I was living at my parent's house in Buffalo, New York. We lived in a suburban neighbourhood probably built in the mid sixties. The year was 1974 and I was 18 years old. It was early in the morning, about 5am very dark and I was on my way down the hall to go out to my car to get to work, when I heard a woman's voice call my name. It was a pleasant female voice and sounded like a woman in her early thirties. I turned around and saw that no one was there. I looked in my sister's room but she was sound asleep. I looked in my parent's room to find them asleep also. I was scared, but forgot about it until a year later when I had moved out to Seattle where my brother was living at the time. We both experienced strange things at practically the same time even though we were both living in different parts of town. He lived on the east side of the lake in a area called Bellevue, and I was living in some old projects on the south side of Seattle near the lake in an area called Ranier Beach. It would usually occur around 4 in the morning while it was still dark outside. I would wake up, unable to move, not even my eyelids. I could hear two women's voices chanting in a strange language in the next room. After a little while, it stopped and I was able to move again. There was nothing and no one in any of the rooms. My brother then called me to tell me that he had woken up with the same inability to move, called "witches riding" by some people. He said he heard several people clapping in the next room, in unison, then a woman's voice shouted out, "Everything you've ever learned in your whole life is wrong." Then the clapping stopped. No one was in any of the rooms at his place either. Another time he awoke to find a luminous ball of light next to him on the bed.

After these experiences, I started having strange psychic occurrences. Once, I was sitting with some friends and started describing a scene I saw in my mind's eye of one of the people being rescued by someone after falling off a pier in Panama where he grew up. He told me that this had indeed happened to him years ago when he was a boy and wondered how I knew about it. I've had psychic visions ever since, especially using psychometry, the ability to see psychic visions by holding onto someone else's jewelry or tools, etc. I have no explanation for this occurrence. I would be very interested though in using these abilities, especially psychometry, for paranormal investigation if anyone is needing this talent. I now live near Austin, Texas in the hills near a place called Will Barger Creek. Apparently my ancestors, the Kickapoo Indians, had scalped Will Barger in the 1800's and he lived to tell about it. I'm hoping his ghost will not be out for revenge, although I have seen fleeting images and smelled strange smells that I can't explain in this old house out in the woods.

Kevin Kinkade, Austin, Texas, USA
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