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Woman's Voice Part 2

Kevin Kinkade, Texas, USA
December 1997

In my previous story, "A Woman's Voice", I told of the experiences I had with the paranormal which led to a heightened psychic awareness. In the end of the story I told of how I had been living in the Hill Country of Central Texas just outside of Austin. The immediate area I was living in at the time was called Will Barger Creek. Will Barger was a settler who had lived in the area during the time of the struggle for Texas Independence. I told of how he had been scalped by my ancestors, the Kickapoo, and lived to talk about it. I had to move from this 6 acre piece of land to a 3 acre piece of land a few miles south of there. The place I left was surrounded by deep woods with an open meadow near the house. This house was a place where musicians and people with a metaphysical background used to meet to have all night musical jam sessions as well as story telling and the sharing of mystical experiences. It is a place with many memories as well as an energy that can only be described as spiritual.

In the time before I left that piece of land, it had rained quite a bit. That was the spring of this year, 1997. I had to park on the main road and slog through the mud down a road to the house which was in the middle of the 6 acres. One night, just before dusk, I had to go back to my truck, a 64 Chevy, and so I started down the dirt road. It was just that time of night when you're right between day and night. The air was charged with electricity. I looked ahead and thought I saw something. It looked like a dark hooded figure standing in the middle of the road. When I approached, the figure turned and walked into the woods. As I came near to the spot, my blood ran cold and I could feel the "presence" that had passed through. I had to pass the spot on my way back and could feel the same chill down my spine when I approached that place in the woods. I left shortly thereafter and moved to a new place on 3 acres of even deeper woods. There is an old barn there. It had been moved from the spot where the converted trailer house where I live now stands. There's a dirt road that meanders through the woods, passes my front door and then meanders into the woods out of sight. It looks almost like a trail but is wider. It doesn't look like your typical farm dirt road. There doesn't seem to be any tire tracks on it. One day my mother was visiting from Houston when she said she noticed a man in a flannel shirt walking over to the house from the barn. I looked, but no one was there. I have two wolf dogs who normally would go nuts if someone approached the house. Later on, I would be working on my truck and would feel that someone was standing near the telephone pole watching me. When I looked up, I saw what could best be described as something dissolving in the air in front of me. As if someone had been there and vaporized when I looked. I could definitely feel a presence. One day, inside the house itself, I could smell patchouli oil. I hadn't used any patchouli and no one had been in the house but me. I could also smell what I can only describe as the scent of a woman. This was more of an astral scent, an odor that can be felt as well as smelled. I decided to smudge the house and then went to walk my dogs down the country lane in front of the property. It was night time. I was gone for about half an hour and started down the dirt road when I swear I heard the sound of a woman's voice laughing derisively in the woods just behind my house. The sound gave me goose bumps. I could find no one there and no sign of anyone having been there. I decided to do more investigating that weekend. I went out to the barn at night to see what I could "pick up". It was a clear night and in the Hill Country you can see the stars and planets much easier and feel them much closer than you can in the cities. It is also very easy to see meteor showers from this area. I stood near the barn, underneath a tree for awhile until I could see a mist floating overhead. It circled the tree and floated off to my the right side of my peripheral vision. When I turned and noticed the mist, it disappeared by floating away out of sight. I tried to perceive what I could psychically and the year 1836 popped into my head. I could also feel the presence of a man but he wasn't wearing flannel. I could feel the presence of buckskin. I could also perceive what could best be described as a "fold" in the time space continuum in the area near the top of the tree near the barn. I know this sounds amazing, but psychometrists know how to perceive things like this which might be intangible to others. Sometimes spiritual entities appear as a mist, sometimes they appear as an egg shape, discernible as a slight film or glow on the atmosphere floating around you. Sometimes a psychometrist can smell things and hear things like music coming through a veil. Often it can be difficult to decipher the difference between imagination and perceived reality. Many times it is easy to explain away what at first seems to be paranormal by thinking that maybe your imagination was playing tricks on you. Sometimes the things which seem to be most obvious at first can later on seem to be explained away by more practical considerations. Maybe it's a self defense mechanism. Anyway, verification and proof can make you realize that maybe your mind wasn't playing tricks on you after all.

The people living around me all know each other. They were friends during the early seventies when they all used to hang out on "The Drag" outside of the University of Texas and sell jewelry etc. The land is all owned by one family and everyone who lives there is either related or a friend. One day they were all over helping to fix the roof of the barn when they informed me that the barn was over 100 years old, the dirt road was part of the Old Spanish Trail, and Will Barger had owned a store down the road. When I mentioned the year 1836, they told me that that was the year of Texas Independence. People had been living on that land long before that year though. Yes, they told me , Will Barger had indeed been scalped by the Kickapoo, the Comanche were "ripping and snorting" through the area, as they put it and it was a time when the land was being contested by the Mexicans, Kickapoo, Cherokee, Comanche and of course the Texans as well as other tribes that lived in the area originally. When I brought another psychic friend to the barn, she said she felt that someone had been trying to kill someone there. I still live there and still occasionally feel a presence in the area. I believe there's more than one. Maybe a woman, maybe more than one man, maybe from more than one time period. Maybe the woman is the same spirit of a woman I first heard call my name when I was 18 years old. My mother said that the man she saw was not dressed like, nor did he remind her of, somebody from the early 1800's. I'm not sure women wore patchouli oil in those days either. But I am sure about the year 1836 and the feeling of someone dressed in skins. As I look out my kitchen window at the dirt road/trail that wanders to my front door and beyond, I can imagine all of the horses, wagons and carriages carrying the people who travelled on that road so long ago. I am going to continue to investigate, do research and see what else I can report. Maybe I will have more to tell later.

Kevin Kinkade, Texas, USA
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