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Woman In A Blue Dress

QLD, Australia
July 2000

I am well known to my family members as 'the one who has the active imagination'. In more understandable words, I used to experience nightmares. No one, not even a psychiatrist, has been able to explain why. I have even wondered once whether or not I may be physic!

I had been experiencing nightmares ever since I was very little, and would often call out to my parents during the night in tears. It even got to the ridiculous stage where I would either sleep with them in their bed, or refuse to turn off my bedroom light, terrified of going to sleep.

One evening, when I was about nineteen, I feared going to sleep because I had been dreaming for the past few days about a girl in a blue dress being stalked. All I can remember hearing when I awoke was her blood-curdling screams! Eventually I fell asleep extremely late on the sofa while I was watching television. My serial-nightmare of this woman came to an end that night when she was bludgeoned to death! Horrible and gross! When I awoke, I was actually so shocked and frightened I called my boyfriend to come stay with me and even spent a good while vomiting in the toilet. I found out the next morning in the newspaper that a woman, by the name of Janelle, had been murdered in her apartment by the use of a wooden table leg. I was spooked, and even more terrified, when I discovered her photograph in the paper, dressed in a long blue dress, matched the description of the woman in my dreams! In fact, I soon realised, that most of the nightmares I had experienced over the years seemed to involve this woman! I had come to the conclusion that parts of her life had been played to me through my head as I slept! Somehow, I believe we were connected in some strange spiritual way, but never found out how.

I was unable to go to the police with my information because I would have almost certainly been the subject of ridicule or either a suspect!

The murderer, an obsessed admirer,was caught a few weeks later, and he, too, had also been involved in my nightmares! Strangely, although my sleeping is not perfect and I still have the occasional nightmare, my dreams have improved and for the last fifteen years I have not been seriously distressed or upset with my strange visions.

I know that my story would most certainly sound strange and hard to believe, for I myself have often wondered whether I am crazy or had suffered from a mental problem, but it all happened and I have had trouble explaining it, even to myself. At least now I am no longer haunted by those hideous dreams of a woman in a blue dress, and am no longer frightened of falling asleep. I still have the occasional bad dream, but who doesn't?

QLD, Australia
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