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Woman in Black Coat

Tasha, KS, USA
June 2009

Please respond if you know anything about this.

Just today, my boyfriend was driving down a street in my small town.
There are only about 2000 people that live here, and ghost stories and sightings are very scarce. Also, after living her for 21 years, we know mostly everyone in the town, and there is no way this could have been someone from around here. As he was driving, he came to an intersection and saw a lady in a black cloak/trench coat with gray hair. She was walking across the street. She didn't check to see if there were cars coming, and my boyfriend being considerate, stopped to let her cross. He didn't see her face and she was just walking normally, swinging her arms, and not going at a pace of any urgency.

After she made her way across the street, my boyfriend checked the other way to make sure there were no cars coming so he could continue on his way. Once he looked back, he realized that the lady was nowhere to be seen. He got kinda nervous and got out of his car to check for her. He looked around and searched, but could not find the lady. She had vanished.

Another confusing thing is that today the weather was warm (70 degrees) and a little breezy, not enough for a coat of any kind. He is very freaked out by this experience and I want to be able to help him. If there is anything you may know about the "lady" he saw, could you please contact me immediately. Once again, it was a gray haired lady in a black cloak/trench coat that extended to her mid-calf. Her hands were not in her pockets or clasped together and she wasn't walking like she was in any kind of hurry.

Tasha, KS, USA
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