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Woman In White (1)

December 2002

This story does not pertain to me, but I am telling it as my brother told it to me, so it is really his story.

My brother Roger used to do Cival War reanactments. Well one night after finishing a show he and his friends were sitting in the attic of an old farmhouse listening to an old record player and drinking Jack Daniels. All of a sudden the record player shut off and it got really quiet. Now Roger swears (he was the only sober one) that the room got really cold and he heard a woman laugh. Roger and Todd got up and went downstairs with the others following behind them and they searched the house, but they could find no one.

Roger and Todd went outside and they skirted the outside of the house looking for someone. Now the house sits on 4 1/2 acres and it is all open, at the edge of the property line there is a stand of trees. Todd just happend to look up and turned deathly pale, he grabbed Rogers arm and pointed. Roger looked toward the trees and he saw a woman running with her dark hair flying behind her and he swore her feet hardly touched the ground. Roger turned around thinking maby one of the guys was playing with a projector but they were all standing on the front porch and they saw it too.

Roger and Todd went back up to the attic and left the other's down in the livingroom. When they got up there they were standing right next to each other almost touching arms. Todd said to Roger "Dude, get your hand off my back" and as Todd turned to look at Roger, they both heard a soft whispery voice come from in between them "Ha Ha, I got you." Needless to say they booked it back down the stairs and everyone slept in the livingroom that night and haven't gone back to that house since.

Thank you for reading my story.

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