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Woman In White (2)

Lisa, Tennessee, USA
July 1998

This isn't really a personal experience but it is very true and it has happened at a friends house near where I live.

First I need to tell you the background of this house. It is built near a battlefield and was rumored to be a old Civil War hospital. The house is dated into the 1800's. A family of 4 live in this house and it has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a huge living room and den. It also has a full size basement that is suitable for living. The whole family are very Christian. There is a teenage girl in the house along with here sister that is 14. The first ones to notice the haunting were the parents. They would hear noises and see a figure of a woman dressed in white walk up and down the halls of their house. They address this ghost as "The woman in White". There is also a man that haunts the house.

The wife was rudely woken up the middle of the night at about 3:00 a.m. to the sound of a woman screaming in pain. It was followed shortly after by a man moaning as if in the worst pain of his life. It almost sounded like he was dying. On another occasion the wife was woke up by the annoying sound of her husband snoring. She got very aggravated and decided to sleep on the couch in the den. When she awoke the next morning at about 7:00, she saw standing in front of the couch a tall transparent woman gazing down at her as if watching her sleep.

The parents hid this haunting from the kids as long as they could until the eldest daughter, Sarah, saw the ghost first hand. She was preparing a dinner for her boyfriend and turned to walk into the other room and saw the woman standing at the end of the hall staring at her. She automatically freaked out running out of the house and refusing to go back into the house until someone came home with her. There was also a occasion when the ghost spoke to the father. He just came home from work and yelled for anyone to answer. "Anyone at home?" he yelled. A loud woman's voice replied from the basement, "I am." He shrugged it off thinking it was his daughter Julia. He knew better when they pulled in the driveway and he then realized that he was home alone the whole time.

If that's not weird for you, you should see the door leading to the hall where most of the sightings have happened. The door is solid oak and where the grain of the wood swirls, there is a perfect impression of a mans face. In the corner of the door you can see a set of eyes. These pictures are so detailed that the eyes have pupils and the other ring that contains the color. The face is greatly detailed. The man looks about 50 and has a long mustache that looks as if it would go down to his chest and you can even see the wrinkles in his face.

I was not a believer in the supernatural until this story has came to place. They are still investigating the house to discover if any murder or suicide has happened in the house. They have reason to believe that the face on the door of the man is the same man that moaned that one night and woke them up. This is a absolutely true story and I hope I have changed your mind if you don't believe in ghosts.

Lisa, Tennessee, USA
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