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Won't Leave Me Alone

Sarah, Minnesota, USA
April 2004

The terrible sights began the day we moved into our new house.

We had been living in Pennsylvania most of our lives, but one day we decided to move to Minnesota. It was out best choice ever until one night.

The night we moved in was the first night that "it" happened. My room was the room that an old lady had died in, many years before now. This did not seem to be a problem, until August 1st.

As I was sleeping in that very room, I awoke to a noise. I thought it was my parents getting something to eat, or something of that sort, but I soon realized no one was up, and nothing in the house stirred.

As I lay there, I suddenly saw a flash of an old lady standing in her nightgown. It was only a flash of her, however I did get a good glimpse of her. I shut my eyes tight and managed to fall back to sleep. This happened night after night, and each night, her ghost seemed to stay visible for more time. One night, she was visible for a full minute. I studied her, and there was nothing scary about it. Her face wasn't decaying, and her eyes weren't popped out. She was just standing there.

After about a month of this, I got down on my knees one night and prayed to God about her. I prayed whereever she was, she was safe, and to please leave me alone. To my despair she came back again that night. She stayed long enough for me to repeat to her what I had said to God. At the end I added that I would like it very much if she would stopping bothering me. I then went back to sleep. The very next night, I awoke at the usual time she comes, however this time she was not there. This made me feel happy inside, and all of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder that seemed to comfort me. The ghost never came back.

Sarah, Minnesota, USA
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