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Work Experience

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
October 2010

About 10 years ago I went and did some work experience as a youth worker working with teenagers that had a drug problem. This was a live in style care provided in what used to be a nuns convent in Merrylands, NSW, Australia. I was only there for a very short time and was kinda freaked out. I had been warned that the kids have seen things in the past and the youth workers put it down to the withdrawl symptoms of their drug abuse.

I was heading up stairs to the second floor one afternoon and saw a young girl run between rooms. They were not meant to be upstairs during the day so went to the room and went to tell them to go downstairs but there was no one there. I know they didn't go out the windows as there were bars on them to stop the kids getting out at night. I just put it down to an overactive imagination on my part.

It was about 2 days later and I was on the kitchen and the light bulb went out. It had stopped working so we put a new globe in it and then turned it on and it was ok for 30 seconds and then exploded. Not thinking anything of it we called an electrician and he said there was nothing wrong with the light or wiring must have been the globe. We put a new one in and it blew up again and again and again. The electrician was stumped he said he had never seen anything like that before and had no help for us, telling us not to use it.
At this stage I was starting to get freaked out about what I saw but didn't say what I saw to anyone. We decided to use candles in the kitchen until we could get the problem fixed and used candles that were deep in a glass so they couldn't be wind affected. However every time we lit them they would blow out again and again; all the windows were closed and there was no draft coming in.

The last straw for me was about 4 days later. I was in the shower with the door locked. I got out and wiped the steam from the mirror and saw the young girl in the mirror behind me that I saw a few days ago running between rooms. I turned around and she was gone. To this day I never told the other staff about what I saw and as far as I am aware people still see this person. I have some some research and have been led to believe that a young girl died in the building by a fire that was started by a candle but haven't been able to fully confirm this as the records are not entirely accurate.

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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