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Work This One Out

T. Porter, South Australia
August 2005

January 2003, week one, I was cutting grass at 8.00am in the grave area of an old Gaol where executed prisoners are buried, as I pulled the mower back towards me I glanced backwards and out of the corner of my eye I saw a man standing alongside a ground mounted camera, the thing I noticed most was he had a large wide brimmed hat on and was short and very stocky, I turned my head fully and he was gone.

I mentioned it to no one, 3 weeks later at 8.00pm one night I was conducting a tour at the same spot it was quiet dark and I had no torch, 19 persons and myself, I was talking to them about the grave occupants, a woman broke in and said there is a man over near the wall camera, no one could see him,I said it is probably one of us, she replied no I have counted everyone, I asked what does he look like and how is he dressed,she replied it's to dark to see what he is wearing but he is quiet broad shouldered and he has a wide brimmed hat on.

Approximately 5 months later I was walking along a path at 8.00am and as I approached the camera my dog trotted over to next to the camera did an about face and dumped a load at the ''mans'' feet, then without looking back she walked on.

12 months later again at 8.00am I was very close to this area when twice I was pushed in the back shoulders, recently [ 2005 ] several women at different times have complained that they have been grabbed on the leg whilst passing this spot, [ they ] did not discuss it together it was on 2 separate occasions,it can be either day or night. This spot is between 2 gallows [ one has gone ] used from 1861 until 1883 as an outdoor one the other still usable 1953-64.

In 2004 a radio station stayed one night and had talkback, a caller came on the line and mentioned that whilst working there in 1987 he and another man were around the grave area one night when they received a radio call to say there was a figure of a man standing near the ground camera and the wall, they went to the area but saw no man, the monitor room told them they could clearly see someone on the screen, they could not, they returned to the monitor room and there was a man on the screen, this was the same area as what the story mentions.

So what is it there, nobody made pre-suggestions to others about these sightings and events, no-pre thoughts were put to anyone beforehand or in their heads, so make of this what you wish.


T. Porter, South Australia
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