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Worst Three Years Of My Life

Linden, Utah, USA
December 2006

My haunting started in October of 1998 and the ordeal only ended when I moved out to go to college in 2000.
When my family of four; Mom, Dad, my thirteen-year old sister A.J. and I first moved to Heber City, Utah from Salt Lake, we stayed in my grandma's house while we tried to find a home of our own. When a local Italian couple had an angry divorce, the bitter wife sold us their house for cheap. We assumed it was out of revenge. It might have been for other reasons though.

When we moved in we found out everyone called it "The Mafia House" because the couple who had moved out had been involved in some very shady dealings with the Las Vegas Mafia, and a guy I knew who worked at the husband's restaurant in town confided in me that he once bragged to him about having killed a man and gotten away with it back in Italy. The week before we moved in I had a nightmare every night for three days, where I would be sleeping in the basement bedroom I'd picked and something bad would happen, either rats, or a black fog or something ominous. I told my Mom, but she laughed it off.
Nothing happened for the first six months, and then my sister and I, who have the basement bedrooms, started to hear things moving around in the chimney, shuffling or squeaking noises. We thought it might be bats, but the chimney was cleaned and nothing was in there. Then the tapping started, like someone was knocking on your door but no one was there. The temperature would drop until you started shivering without any explanation. And then the ghost started getting more and more angry.
It seemed to relish our terror, calling our names from the basement when we were alone in the house upstairs. It would slam doors and make the pipes in our ceiling rattle. It would tap on windows from the outside when the curtains were closed. My sister tried to call it out once or twice, swearing at it and telling it to show it's face and get out and it would slam the door so hard she would give up and run away.
I'm very sensitive to these things and would just lie in bed and shake until the sun came up, feeling like something was watching me.
The final straw came when I woke up one night, and there was a black shape, a man-shaped black fog-thing standing next to my bed. It had red eyes and no other features other than the blackness, and I could feel the evil radiating off of it. It was just completely *wrong* and I couldn't even catch a breath to scream. Finally I snapped out of it and lunged for the light switch and when I flicked it on the shadow-man-thing was gone.
My sister had many of her own horrible experiences after I left for college, many of which she won't tell me. All I know is that it got so bad when she and a friend were alone in the house she had to call my Grandma from the basement phone in hysterics to come get her, because they were trapped in the room. When she arrived, the disruption stopped, but the house was icy cold.
FINALLY my parents realized something had to be done, that they couldn't ignore it any longer, and got the house blessed. Only then would I come back to spend the night, and even now, six years later, I have trouble sleeping more than three hours a night there and I have to have a light AND a radio on all night!

Linden, Utah, USA
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