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Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Nikki, AZ, USA
July 2002

No one has ever believed me, whenever I tell them I see a ghost or something like that. because I have a wild imagination. But this was no figment of my imagination. I may only be 13 1/2, and many people won't believe me I know. But it's worth it anyway just to get it out of my system. I've never spoken of it to anyone, not even my best friend. Here goes..........

It was early in the morning about June 5th, just last month. I had awoken to the sound of a bag opening in my room! I bolted right up in bed and looked through blurry vision at my sister, Dee, rummaging through my backpack. "What are you doing?" I murmured in a groggy, sleepy voice. She looked at me through sleepy looking eyes, like mine. Her long dark brown hair up in a messy tangled up bun. Her hazel eyes studied my face. She looked confused as to why I was awake. "I'm looking for my CD's." She told me in a whisper.

I remembered that I had taken them for a while in return for a stupid stick of chapstik, which I didn't want anyway. I hate makeup. I am what people call a tomboy, in definition, a girl who hangs out with boys (and I do) and doesn't like makeup and dresses and stuff....anyway.

I just plopped back down and fell back to sleep. "Unh" I grunted. I awoke a few seconds later to the sound of heavy breathing at the end of my bed where my sister had been. I sat up slower this time without opening my eyes more than a slit and said "Dee, get out of my room, please." But as I opened my eyes more I saw that it wasn't Dee at all, it was a little boy. "huh? who are you?! and what are you doing in my room?!?!?!" I shouted so loud my parents yelled "Be quiet Nicole, we're trying to get some sleep." It's obvious they had heard me anyway, my room is only down the hall, about 2 feet and to the right from theirs. Dee didn't yell, her room is next to the back door, all the way through the kitchen (just a tad down the hall from my room) and to the left then the right. But I sat there, trembling as I noticed, now fully awake, that this was NOT my room.

My room usually has posters all over the walls, a dresser and bookshelf next to the door, and a nightstand with a tank where my horned toad was. But now, it was all black painted (and my room isn't painted yet) no furniture, not even a bed, I was on the ground. I stared in horror as the boy raised his black lifeless eyes to my blue eyes. My short brown hair seemed to pop right out of the ponytail it had been in all night. I could feel the back of my neck prickle and sweat poured down my face. I was frozen there, on the ground, in an empty dark room, with a ghost.

My heart felt as if it were going to leap right out of my chest. The boy stood up, he had all black on. He was tall and skinny with white blonde hair in a bowl cut. He was so very thin. His cheek bones were very visible. But he was quite cute to me. But then I realised, "What am I thinking, he's a ghost!!!!!!!" His lifeless eyes stared back at me. his tiny lips formed into a wide toothy grin. I felt a chill run straight down my back like lightning."Wh-who are you?" He started to speak, his voice was scratchy. He said "Tommy you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. You have to go." He held up a knife. I trembled so much I felt as though I was about to fall into a pile of trembling bones. Then I remembered the advice my best friend April had given me just before I left her house the previous week. "If ever you are frightened, confront your fear and maybe you won't be afraid." So I got up and stared face to face into the eyes of the boy. He sneered and said "You shouldn't do that, you really shouldn't" "I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I blurted out suddenly. He stood there, and frowned. "Don't do that." He demanded in an icy voice. "GO AWAY!!!!" I demanded. He frowned and said in a ghostly voice "I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!" then disappeared.

Everything was normal after that. He hasn't come back yet, it's been past a month.

I studied the area I lived on. There was a record of a boy being dragged out to the area and he murdered his kidnappers. And in turn killed himself. His name was Tohmas Redens. And his last words were "you're in the wrong place at the wrong time"


Nikki, AZ, USA
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