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Wrongly Accused Witch Hanging

Brady Miller, Indiana, USA
December 2005

My story starts out in Greenfield, Indiana. Actually, it doesn't go anywhere else but Greenfield, so it takes place in Greenfield, Indiana. This experience has lead me to write a book on it, but the book shall be fiction, where as what I am about to tell you and going to be 100% true.

I was at my house one night, just like always, and I was talking on the phone to my girlfriend. She told me she heard another girl over at my house, there wasn't another girl at my house, so I told her there wasn't. She said she heard her and she got mad and hung up on me. I thought it was my TV at first, but understood what it really was. I called her back apologizing for whatever I did, but she was still mad, I assured her there was no girl over at my house. She said she heard some kind of scream in the background, and I didn't understand what was going on because I wasn't even watching TV at the time. Well I got off the phone with her and was still thinking about it. Then about midnight I heard a scream right outside my window, when I opened the window, I didn't see anybody, but it was really dark, so I couldn't see much. So I turned off my lights and I heard it again, I looked out the window and this time there was a girl's face in my view. I tripped over my bed and fell on the floor. I ran to my front room and didn't know exactly what to do, but I ended up going outside and checking. I saw nobody, nothing. I went back in and tried to call somebody, I was freaking out. Then I felt a presence, and I felt a draft come from my closet. Then I heard the scream again, but this time coming from my closet. I ran outside and turned around and saw a rope hanging from a tree over my house, it was a noose.

I honestly don't know what all happened or why it happened, but I do understand that it scared me. I came to a conclusion that it was one of the victims of the witch trials that was hung for being accused of being a witch. I feel sorry for the girl, and I hope one day her soul will rest in peace. For now, I still feel her presence in my house, but it doesn't bother me anymore.

Brady Miller, Indiana, USA
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