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Kimi Peaze, California, USA
October 1999

This story is by my friend, Devin, about her younger brother Wyatt. As long as I've know Wyatt there has always been something remarkable about him. He has been able to tell me what I did in my dreams and what I am thinking sense he could talk. This story Devin wrote as a report for her English class (But it is completely true.) and shared it with me because I am in it. It is with her premonition that I submit it....

"My younger brother, Wyatt, was born when I was four and a half. Two years earlier my mother had had another little boy named Andrew, but he had died of a weak heart and lungs at six weeks. Since both my parents worked at the time, and I wasn't nearly old enough to babysit, they hired a babysitter named Rachelle. Rachelle was twenty - two and had a five year old daughter named Kimi. She would bring Kimi to work with her everyday, and Kimi and I would play together. I remember one day, when I was about six, Kimi was almost seven and Wyatt was two, Kimi told me that Rachelle wouldn't be babysitting me and Wyatt anymore. When I asked her why she told me, "Because your brother is friends with a ghost."

When my mother got home that evening, I told her the story, expecting and wanting her to tell me that Kimi was lying and that Wyatt was not friends with a ghost. She didn't. Instead she called Rachelle and talked to her for hours. I don't really remember much of the conversation, but I do remember my mom asking Rachelle questions like, "Has he started talking?" and "Sometimes he just sits there. Does he do that when I'm not here?" After she got off the phone, she just sat there, until she turned to me and said that instead of Rachelle and Kimi coming to my house, I would go to Rachelle's apartment to be watched over after school. I did this for about the next three years. (Rachelle stopped babysitting me shortly after my tenth birthday) And this is why, I am told, I was never around when all the really strange things happened. Since I am "older and can handle it now" my mother has told me some of the "not so horrible" things that my brother has had to endure during the last six years. ( I am now thirteen) She told me, "When he gets home in the afternoon, he goes into the bathroom and stares at the tile on the wall for about an hour, during which he sobs uncontrollably, saying over and over, 'I do, I do, I do, I do.' When he finally comes out of the bathroom, he remains silent. Then I make him start his homework, so he goes in his room and locks the door behind him. I can't do anything but listen through the door at this point, so that's what I do, and I can hear him talk to people, which I would write off as a typical eight-year-old's imaginary friend, but I can actually hear people talk back!" At first I didn't believe my mother. I didn't have any reason not to, I just didn't want to believe her. So, I told her that I would take a break from soccer on a Tuesday after school to stay home with Wyatt.

When I got home from school on that Tuesday, the first thing I did was go to the bathroom to see if Wyatt would be there like Mom had said. (Wyatt gets out of school thirty minutes before me.) He was there, but the door was locked. I listened, just as my mother had said, and sure enough I heard him sobbing and saying something. But to me it didn't sound like "I do." it sounded like he was saying "Andrew." over and over again. I tapped on the door and told Wyatt to come and start on his homework, he came out and went into his bedroom, before he could close the door and lock it, I walked in with him. He looked at me and I told him that I would do my homework in his room just in case he "needed help with math, or something". He kind of nodded and sat down to work. Fifteen minutes past, and even though he wasn't talking, like my mom had said, he seemed to be brushing something, that wasn't there, off his shoulder. When I reached over to brush it off, he looked at me and said, "You see him, too?" I didn't know what to say, so I said "Yes." Right then the room got really cold and then really warm really fast. I don't know how to explain what happened, but ever since then, Wyatt hasn't had any trouble with ghosts or spirits of any kind."

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kimi Peaze, California, USA
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