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X-Ray Light

August 2001

This story was told to my by my mother, a confirmed Christian, and confound believer that there are no such things as ghosts. I on the other hand found her story quite the X-file, and could never be really explained.

When my mother and aunt were in their early teens, they took a trip with their mother to a cabin that she owned in the woods. This cabin was claimed to be "haunted" by ancestors of the past, or so all the rest of the relatives claimed. My grandmother was a sceptic, so never really believed any of it.

It was late at night or perhaps extremely early in the morning when my mother and aunt were awakened by a huge light shining through the window of the room they were sleeping in. The cabin is out in the middle of a forest, deeply secluded from any contact for miles, it was built a long time ago, and still, to this day it has no human contact for miles round (I have been there and seen for myself).

When my mother and aunt saw the light they though first off that maybe i.e. was a helicopter...but wouldn't there be noise? It couldn't be a plane, for the light was directed straight into their window. A headlight?, impossible because even if someone had driven up there, thier high beams couldn't have been as blinding as that light had been, nor could they have positioned the car to fact the window.

Here's where it got interesting. My aunt put her hand under the light, and to her surprise, it didn't stop the light. Instead of making the shadow of a hand on their blanket, it went through her hand just as bright. When she looked closer at this phenomenon, she realized that she could see the inside of her hand!

It was as if someone had shown a gigantic x- ray through the window of the cabin. When my aunt gasped, the light suddenly disappeared...without sound...without anything.

Lets just say they both slept in the same bed as my grandmother that night.

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