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Yorkshire Farmer

Anonymous, UK
May 2015

It was my dad who had this experience. When my family still lived in Yorkshire (I wasn’t born), they were both sleeping in the house, and then my dad woke up, only to find that he saw a man sitting on my mum while she was still sleeping, gently stroking her face. He looked like a northern farmer from a long time ago (Victorian, or before the Victorian Era; he wasn’t fully sure that it actually WAS a farmer) and was scruffy looking, with dark hair and pale skin. My dad, angry, asked the farmer what on earth he was doing, and then the farmer turned his head and looked at my dad, and grinned happily. Afterwards, my dad woke mum up and told her about it. At the moment my mum woke up, the farmer has suddenly vanished. (The farmer didn’t seem threatening by the way)

The only link I can think of is that my family is of Lancashire/Yorkshire descent, and somewhere down the line, our surname comes from farmers who used to live in Yorkshire, but went over to Lancashire in the war of the roses. I was thinking, maybe the farmer is an ancestor (I doubt it)? The farmer was scruffy, but not fat nor thin, with dark hair; my family have dark hair as well. We are also related to the Southworths of Samlesbury Hall in Lancashire. I’m not fully sure if we’re of direct descent but we’re definitely related to them through a Southworth. Samlesbury Hall is said to be haunted by ghosts, It has been on the show ‘Most Haunted.’ The Southworth that haunts Salmesbury Hall is Lady Jane Southworth.

....So, I’m not sure if our ancestry has anything to do with the ghost.

Anonymous, UK
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