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Yorktown Battlefield

Kelli, Virginia, USA
November 2004

I've been reading the stories on this site for the past several weeks, and finally worked up the courage to send three of my own most recent encounters.

The first was at the Yorktown Battlefield. Many think that the ghosts of Civil War soldiers haunt this place, but that's not true. They are really the spirits of those who participated in the Revolutionary War. I hadn't known this at all before I went to the battlefield for a visit, I just thought a small battle had taken place there.

My husband Mike, our friend Dave, and I decided to go to the battlefield to see if we could catch a couple of comets passing by Earth, this was around early May. We piled into Dave's truck and headed off to the battlefield. I was excited, because I love places like that and I was hoping to see the comets. The battlefield is set a little ways back from Yorktown itself. The sky is very clear and there is little traffic passing on the two roads near the field. We got out and I looked around, thinking how quiet it was that night. I live in a city, and it's quite noisy. The peace was most welcome.

We proceeded to walk around the battlefield for a little bit. The field is like this: you come into a parking area, and from then the field starts. There's a line of trees that curve around several hundred feet from the lot. To the right of the lot is a caretaker's house, since there's a graveyard behind the brick walls around the house. When you pass the wall to your right, it ends and the graveyard begins. A little beyond the graveyard, again to the right, is another large area of field.

I walked farther from my husband and friend, since it was my first time and I wanted to get away from their noisy mouths. For some reason, I was having some trouble walking around. I was stumbling around and barely able to stand up straight. I got to a certain point where something told me "go no farther". Me being the believer I am, I listened. That's when I noticed, several hundred feet in front of me, these small yellow lights, about five of them. They were dancing around, weaving in and out, over and under. It looked almost like they were playing with each other. I stood watching them, not really thinking this was strange. Ours was the only vehicle in the parking lot, and none of us brought flashlights. The only light source was the big floodlight in front of the caretaker's house.

I thought it could have been fireflies, but dismissed that because the lights were steady, not blinking on and off. Plus, they cast no light onto the ground like flashlights do. I also would see shadows darting around, and strange lights in the sky. This isn't all though. I was getting this feeling of power from the battlefield, and also this sense that the land welcomed my being there. It was like getting a hug from a friend you haven't seen for years, just like it. I've never felt anything like that before.

When we decided to leave because the sky had gotten cloudy, meaning we wouldn't be able to see the comets, I told Dave and Mike what I had felt and seen. Dave grinned and said "This is where the Revolutionary War was won". The only thing I can't understand and haven't been able to find out is why I felt the sense of love from the land.

We all got into Dave's truck, Dave driving, Mike in the front passenger seat, and me in the extended cab part. We pulled out and drove up the road, Mike and Dave yammering on as usual. I was lost in my thoughts, thinking about what had happened, when I saw the most amazing thing in my life. A group of soldiers gathered in the road, some with bandages or an arm in a sling, some with weapons. All were smiling at me, a couple saluted me, and the others were waving. I couldn't believe it, it was as if they were saying goodbye to a good friend.

This is by far the best ghostly encounter I've ever had, and also my favorite. I've been back to the battlefield since then, the last was with Mike and Dave, and my friend Dee. I love the place, and it deserves respect. I think that's why I was so welcome there.

The last experience was quite interesting. I didn't see the orbs dancing around (that's what I've come to believe those lights were), but I saw the usual darting shadows. Dee and I walked around the graveyard (this was at night), and the full moon was bright. We'd made a turn to circle the graveyard when I felt a hand around my shoulders. Dee was on my right, and this feeling came from someone on my left. I smiled, it was as if one of the spirits wanted to be my friend and walk with me.

I couldn't help but smile. I'm psychic, and can feel things that most people can't. If I were just a spirit trapped on Earth with no body, and few who could hear me, I'd tell them the same thing. You understand us. It was amazing!

When we left, I was behind the others. It was chilly out and I didn't have a jacket on. There was no breeze, it was utterly still out there save for us. I felt this warm breeze blow around me and envelop me, and the sweetest scent came with it. I stood still, eyes closed, taking in this feeling and scent. As suddenly as it came, it was gone. I opened my eyes and whispered "Goodbye", and we left. None of my friends think I'm nuts. They've all had their own experiences with the paranormal, as have I. I don't regret one single thing ever happening to me, but I do make sure that I've actually felt/heard/seen whatever spirit makes itself known to me.

Kelli, Virginia, USA
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