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You Don't Know What Could Be Listening

April 2004

I've heard countless stories of monsters that eat or scare naughty children, but never monsters that torment mean teenagers (by the way I said that because I was 16 years old when I experienced this).

I lived a life of boredom, which means no paranormal experiences, well until that day at least.

Last year a water pipe broke that left the barangay (small town) I lived in dry. There was no water for three days! I became itchy and dirty for I didn't bathe for three days straight and my brother got to the bath water first and used it all up! I was fed up with the situation and screamed "Ooh great! What we need now is no electricity to match the drought!!" When I said that, a chill ran up my spine that told me:"You'll regret the day you said that."

That night I was left home alone. I relaxed and watched T.V., then the lights went out. At first, I wasn't so scared, because I can hear the obnoxious street sounds outside, but after a while it was replaced by silence. I started to shiver a little and gave a thought to the sudden black out. All of a sudden, I heard IT, strange noises in the direction I'm facing. It seems to come from the floor and the ceiling. My room is almost empty, so it would be easy for IT to get me. I reached for the flashlight somewhere on the small table in front of me. I nearly dropped it after hitting the mug beside it. I turned it on, but it gave a faint flickering light. I suddenly felt something as in SOMETHING in front of me, it was too dark to see anything. I ran towards the door and hit the flashlight against my palm to make the light brighter (don't ask me why, it was instinctive). I went downstairs and into the kitchen. I stood in front of the sink and looked out the window, nothing, it was so dark I can't even see my dog and the screen blocks the flashlight. I scanned the kitchen and saw the shadows of ordinary objects get distorted. I stopped waving the flashlight, because I was scared to see the weird shadows. I held the flashlight still, and guess what happened?. The perfect circle of light that the flashlight emits is no longer a circle. It looks as if clawed hands are blocking the flashlight's light. I stared at the light and watched it shrink. I felt doomed and prayed and prayed and prayed. I was about to cry (how embarassing!) when the lights are back again! I was overjoyed and went back upstairs without a care.

I learned my lesson that night, but I never told anyone this story until the family Doberman acted strangely, which made my mom ask me what could made it do that.

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