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Young and Dumb

Richard, Sydney, NSW
March 2003

Before this incident occured, I was a total sceptic. I thought that when you died, that's it. Nothing more to it.

It occured when I was 17. I was living in Queensland at the time, in Brisbane. I had this friend who had a lovely Queenslander right across the road from the Toowong Cemetery. Her parents were always overseas on business a lot, so, we always chilled at her house. The eerie thing about the place was it had this really commanding view of the Cemetery.

Well anyway..... one night we were really bored because in Brisbane, there's only a certain number of things you could do before you've done everything. So we decided to buy a Ouija Board and have a bit of a play amongst the five of us. I was totally scepitcal of this device. We were fooling around for a while calling people like Elvis, Tupac, etc with no luck. Possibly out of frustration and also my scepticism, I decided to call for the " Prince of Darkness ". Almost immediately, the room went cold ( This occured during the Southern Hemisphere Summer). It wasn't like a breeze went through the house but like getting into one of those giant fridges the supermarkets have. It was dead cold. For some reason, all of us turned towards the front door which was open although it was shut and locked after we came back with our purchase. What we saw can only be described as a shadow on the wall of a person walking into the house and he was walking quite quickly towards us. An awful feeling came over us and we made a quick escape out the back door. As we got out of the house, the heat and humidity of a Brisbane summer night came over us. One of my friends noticed this and walked up the stairs and stuck his hand back into the house. It was still dead cold.

No of us ( including the girl that owned the house ) returned to the house for a few days after that. I left Brisbane soon after that and have kept in contact with her and my other friends since. They've witnessed faces in the mirror, shadows, things moved around, etc ever since.

Richard, Sydney, NSW
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