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Insurance Hole

Tennessee, USA

I was recently telling an uncle about some stuff that was happening to me and telling him about this website and he told me that he had a story to tell that "would put hair on your back" (his quote, by the way). My uncle is a deacon at our church and an old mountain man whose life motto is "speak when you're spoken to" so for him to volunteer a story, especially a "ghost" story was truly an honor for me and I have no reason to believe that what he told me was anything but the absolute truth.I will try to tell it in his exact words because it scared the "you know what" out of me.

First, I must describe where he is talking about.

Where he lives, in the mountains of Tennessee, is far, far away from town and the hustle and bustle of the city. I know for a fact that it takes an hour to drive up the long and winding mountain roads to get to his little farmhouse. The mountains are cold year round and seem to stay dark. Why he stays there is beyond me. Anyway, on to the story. It was told to me like this:

"One mornin' I had to get up early and make that long haul into town. I started out about 5 a.m., and it was darker than hot fudge and a little foggy but I had made that drive so many times that I didn't even sniff at the idea of driving down that mountain. I rounded first one curve and then another, when all of a sudden, this white "thing" ran out in front of my truck. I slammed on the brakes, just about made everything in the back come up in the front, and looked out the window. Didn't see nothing! Got out and looked, didn't see nothing. I got back in my truck and just sort of let it roll a little. I got out and looked under the truck, just in case. Nothing. So, I drove on. Before I could get to the next curve, I looked in my windshield mirror (rear view mirror) to see if I could see it now. Well, I didn't see that "thing" but I saw something else. There was a lady, looked like she was running, following my truck. She had on blue jeans and a T-shirt that had the middle cut out, ya know, like the teenagers do these days. And she wasn't wearing any shoes. Well, I put the old truck into rewind (reverse) and got up next to her. I thought maybe her and her boyfriend and drove up to the top and something went wrong and she was "hot footin it" (running) to her house.

When I got up next to her, I asked her "did she need me to take her somewhere?" She kept on walking. I asked her again,"did she have car trouble or an accident?" Again, nothing! I was looking at this girl, thinking to myself that she had to be cold and her feet must be nearly numb, and I was thinking that it looked like this girl hadn't taken a bath in a month of Sundays. Her hair was long and dirty and what I could see of her face that wasn't covered by her hair was covered in dirt. So, I asked her again if she wanted a ride and if she didn't take kindly to strangers, she could just hop in the back of the truck. I told her that I wouldn't bring no harm to her. She just kept on going. Well, I thought to myself, that's what happens when you try to be nice to these kids. So I told her if that's the way it was then I'd be on my way. It was right at that time she turned her head to look at me. Now I've looked at some scary eyes, lying eyes, and ugly eyes but I ain't never looked at "dead eyes". That was what this girl had. Her eyes were not real. They looked like they were flashlights coming out of her head.They were real sunk in, too. Real bright! And this girls face. It looked like she had been swimming in the river too long. It was all blue and wrinkled up. She stopped running long enough for me to really look at her and then I knew I wasn't looking at a real person like you and me. This girl was dead! I think she tried to grin at me. It wasn't a nice friendly smile either, it was mean, the devil's smile. She just kept staring at me with those eyes.
Now, I have to tell you I was scared. I put that truck into gear and took off like a whipped puppy. When I looked behind me, she was sitting on the tailgate of my truck! Still smiling!! I cursed for the first time in my life. I rounded those corners on two wheels.

When I got into town, I was real nervous so I sat down for a minute or two. An old friend of mine came up to say hello. He told me to be expecting company. When I asked him why, he told me that the police had found another car off "Insurance Hole"". This is the place in the mountain that people dump their cars to report them stolen to collect insurance on them...I know, hilarious. My uncle lives around the corner form Insurance Hole so the police are always asking him if he's seen anyone up there recently.
Back to the story.

"So sure enough, the police come up there to talk to me and I tell them that I didn't see nobody. Then they asked me if I heard anything, which was unusual because they don't normally ask that. When I said no and asked why they told me something that just about stopped my old heart. They told me that a man had dumped his car off the mountain while his girlfriend was tied up in the trunk, shot in the head. That car was practically in a million pieces from the long drop. When they found her she wasn't even in the trunk anymore. Well, I almost lost my breath, cause looking back to that morning, I realized that where I had run into that girl was right over insurance hole. Now, you can put together what you want to believe, but I believe, that dark, foggy morning, I saw a dead girl walking down that mountain. Now I ain't seen her since but that might be cause I ain't lookin' for her".

I hope you enjoyed this story. Better yet, I hope that you understood this story.

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