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'Til Death Do We Part


A newly married couple, let’s just call them Billy and Mable, had bought a house in Maine. They disregarded the stories told to them about the house by the realtor about the house being haunted by an insane serial killer and moved in. Mable frequently complained about the feeling that someone was touching her in the night, and Billy resolved to stay up the whole night and see who was doing it.

True to his word, Billy stayed up the whole night. He just didn’t stay in the room. Around midnight, he was gripped by the feeling of an overwhelming thirst. He went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Before he could get a glass, he heard the most horrible screaming from Mable’s room. Billy rushed upstairs and screamed himself. Mable’s mutilated corpse was strewn in various places around the bed. Billy rushed downstairs and called the police. Several nights later, Billy was sleeping peacefully. Until around midnight. Again feeling very thirsty, he went downstairs and got a glass of water. He went upstairs and saw a lump in the bed. He ripped off the covers and the ghost of Mable floated up. She had an unholy light in her eyes, and the dark form of another man floated beside her. Mable held the biggest knife Billy had ever seen in her hand.
"Didn’t you promise, Billy? Didn’t you promise? ‘Til death do we part? Didn’t you promise?" Mable said as she floated towards the paralyzed Billy.

The house being far out into the lush country side, no one could hear Billy’s horrified and pain-filled screams.

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