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Tara Howell, North Carolina, USA

This Story has been told to me time and time again. Rather it be at old slumber parties or from grandparents. If ever ghost stories are being told, this one is always one of them. It may got be the exact wording, but its all the same!

The story begins with two high school kids out on a date. The two kids had gone to see a movie that had ended early, so instead of going on home they decided to go parking. The drove way out into the country. As they drove they listened to the radio. About half way to their destination the radio broadcasted that a convict had escaped from the local prison, and that he had been in prison for the murders of several people. The radio then went on to warn people that on the convicts left arm, instead of a hand he wore a hook, and that if anyone saw him to please contact the local authorities. Well, hearing this, the girl became very frightened and wanted to go home. However the boy just laughed at her and said he would take care of her and that no convict would come this far out into the country. The girl wasn’t completely put to ease, but she agreed to go on. When they got there, they talked and soon began making out. Not long after, the girl heard a scrapping sound on her car door, she told her boyfriend, but he told her she was just hearing things and to stop being paranoid.

They started making out again, but the girl kept on hearing the noise. Soon she became so afraid the boy agreed to leave. He was very annoyed and took off spinning his tires. When they got to her house, the boy got out to let his girlfriend out of the car, and as he went to open the door, hanging off the hinge was a HOOK!!!

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