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Keep the Lights Off

Kristy Przepis, FL, USA

They say there is this problem going around. No one knows what it’s called and no one knows the cure. But it always occurs with a certain someone. That certain someone is a young girl....sometimes boy...but mostly girl.

And as all young girls takes place at a sleep over or get together. The story I’ve heard about is a girl named Macy, who has her friends Lexie, Briget and Meagan over to spend the night. She gathers them into her room to tell ghost stories. But she demands they keep the light on at all times. She has this problem and knows about it from recent happenings. But yet, they finally talk her into turning the lights off. She shudders to think what is coming...but agrees.

See this problem is a strange one. Whenever the lights are off......she will get uncontrollably scared..I mean screaming crying kind of scared. But when she goes to turn the lights on...the other people in the room will be standing there with empty black holes, staring at her. Or mutilated bodies...still freshly cut open and bleeding. Or think of your worst nightmare...and have it in the room with you. Could you imagine? Turning on the lights and seeing that?

Well back to the story...As Lexie was telling her story...she suddenly turned her flashlight that the room was now in total darkness. Macy started whimpering for she knew what was coming. Then she heard a little girl’s voice....and she knew it couldn’t be one of her friends....ring around the rosies.....pocket full of posies...ashes ashes......we all.....fall...down... And Macy got so scared she just had to turn the light on. She jumped up and fumbled for the light switch. But as her hand found it....she didn’t want to turn on the light. Then all of a sudden lightning flashed from the storm outside...and in the split second of light she could see her three friends with empty black sockets....standing there with smiles on their faces....and then the room launched into total darkness again. And as Macy screamed and screamed...You could faintly hear........ring around the rosies.......................

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