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Red Eyes


At the time this occurred I was 16. My girlfriend and I usually made out at this one spot, but the police had closed it down and fenced it up because of vandalism and such, so I decided that we should go to a graveyard that was close to being out of town. She didn’t like the idea too much, but she couldn’t think of any other private place, so she agreed.

So I drove out there, with the ink on my driver’s license still fresh (not literally). I drove around the back (there weren’t fences, it was so old) and parked there. We were making out when I heard a noise. I didn’t know what it was so I kind of pushed it to the back of my mind but it kept nagging me. Then I heard it again. It sounded like it was coming from the back of the car. It was like a quick thump thump. I pulled away from my girlfriend and stepped out of the car. I stepped out into the bitter cold. I could see my breath billowing out in front of my face, but even through the steam I could see the red eyes hovering towards the back of the car. I gasped in shock. I couldn’t see very well because of the darkness, but I could see enough. It was a little pale demon-thing standing on the back of my car. Every few seconds it would do a quick double jump. I stood watching it in fascination for about a minute. I didn’t know what it was doing or why, but it apparently hadn’t seen me. Then my girlfriend rolled down the window and stuck her head out and asked me if I was ok. The demon-thing noticed her loud voice and glared at me with its red, hateful eyes. It hissed and bared its teeth at me. They were tiny and sharp. I screamed and tried to open the car door. I opened it and my girlfriend fell out halfway. She started to complain, but I grabbed her shirt and tossed her back into the car. I went to get in but the demon jumped at me. When it should of hit me it went through me. It landed on the ground and sank into it. I stared at the ground for a moment then got into the car, locked the door.

My girlfriend never even saw it. I asked her later on if she had heard the thumping. She hadn’t.

All that happened five years ago. And still, whenever I remember that night, and those red eyes, I shudder.

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