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Vanishing Hitchhiker

Andy, New south Wales, Australia

A young man had just left a party given by some of his friends. As he started down the road it was about 12:30 at night and pouring down rain. He had only driven about 2 miles when he saw this faint figure walking on the side of the road. As he got closer he realized it was a young lady, for she was wearing a long white dress. He pulled over and asked her if she would like a ride. He figured she had came from the party. She said she would and she hoped in the front seat. He noticed she was shivering from the rain so he took off his jacket and offered it to her, she gladly accepted and put the jacket on. They talked about where they were from and other basic chit chat. The young man was overwhelmed by how beautiful the girl was. When he pulled up to her house he was going to ask her out, but when he went around to the passenger side the door was open and she was gone. He seemed a little confused, but figured she had just gotten nervous and ran into her house. The following day the young man realized the girl had left in such a rush, that she forgot to leave his jacket. He remembered the directions to her house and went there since he did not have a phone number to call.

He knocked on the door and a woman answered. The young man told her he was there to pick up his jacket from who he assumed was her daughter. The woman looked at him strangely and then began to smile. She then told him that her daughter had died in a car accident ten years ago. The young man was horrified and did not belive her. The woman asked him to follow her. While they walked the woman told him this was not the first time this had happened and for him not to be upset. The woman stopped at what looked to be a family cemetery and pointed to the far right. The young walked over and there laying on a headstone was his jacket.

Other Versions
In all the stories of the vanishing hitchhiker the woman is beautiful and dressed in the most seductive outfit you could ever imagine.
The young man was walking home drunk from a bar one night. He was hitchhiking along a country road and luckily a lady drove by and stopped and offered him a ride home. They talked and the woman told him her name. Being so drunk the woman took him back to her house where she took full advantage of the young good-looking drunk man (use your imagination on that one.......). The man woke up the next morning being shaken awake by police - the police pulled him up and asked him what the hell he was doing? He looked around him and noticed he had been sleeping naked on top of a grave - he was horrified to see the name on the grave was that of the woman that had picked him up the night before.

The girl disappears out of the car suddenly when passing a graveyard. The driver notices in the graveyard his jacket that he lent her draped over her gravestone.

Sometimes he sees a photo at the parents home of her in the same dress that she was wearing the night he picked her up.

This happened somewhere in the sixties.

One day a young couple were on their way to the girl’s parents’ house to tell them that they had just become engaged. The woman was fast asleep when the man lost control over the vehicle and both were killed. Her name was Maria Roux.

A while later a guy was riding along and saw a lady standing on the side of the road. He asked her whether she wanted a lift, but she didn’t answer. She just climbed into the back seat of the car. The guy kept on talking to her, telling her how dangerous it was for a woman to hitchhike at night but she never said a word. While he was driving along he looked back and saw that she had disappeared. He stopped the car and searched everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. He then drove to the police station in Uniondale to report her missing, never realizing that she could be a ghost. He thought that she might have fallen out of the vehicle and was lying somewhere seriously injured. The police officer on duty didn’t have any patience with this guy, thinking that his story was a cover-up for hurting or killing her. After a lot of begging, the police officer eventually drove behind the guy to the spot where the girl went missing. As they were driving along, the police officer noticed the guy’s back door opening and closing by itself. They both realized that it was a ghost and hauled ass out of there as fast as they could.

Somewhere in the seventies a guy came into a cafe in Uniondale, quite visibly shaken. He told the owners of the cafe that he was riding on his bike and suddenly there was a woman sitting behind him on the bike. She looked so real, he could see and feel her hands holding him, but just a while later she disappeared. He got such a fright that he almost fell off his bike. There have been many reports of this woman ever since.

People reckon that since she was asleep during the accident, and the last thing she can remember before she fell asleep was to go to her parents to tell them of the engagement, she doesn’t realize that she’s dead and her soul won’t rest until her mission is accomplished.

Another Version
This happened to my Sister’s husbands friend, lets call the guy Tim), I don’t kow his real name.
It was a Friday night , Tim went out to a nightclub with a couple of friends , when they got there they all started dancing and eventually broke away from each other. Tim found this girl and they started to dance, after a while , they decided to go home, Tim said "i’ll drive you home", she said "ok" , as they were driving home the girl (lets vall here Jenny) said "stop here i’ll walk the rest of the way home its only 200m to my house" , Tim said "why i’ll drive you there?" , she insisted that she walk so Tim let her get out of the car. It was a cold night out, Tim says "at least take my jacket its cold outside" she said "ok ill give it back to you tomorrow here’s my phone number". Handing the phone number to Tim he says "ok i’ll call you tomorrow".

The next day Tim decides to ring jenny and ask about his jacket, he rings and a older women picks up the phone, Tim says "Hi is Jenny there?". The women said "Excuse me!?". Tim repeats what he said then the women says "Listen I don’t know who you are and what kind of sick joke this is but how dare you" ! and she hung up. Tim was startled and so he rang again, the same women picked it up and said "Hello?". Tim asked again "Is Jenny there?" the women starts to cry and hangs up the phone. Tim rings back a third time and sais "I think we need to talk, I need to get my jacket back from Jenny". The women doesn’t know what Tim is talking about and Tim says "yeah I let Jenny borrow my jacket last night !". The woman then asks Tim to come over to talk about something (she gives him the Address).

Tim goes over right away, they sit down and start to talk. Tim tells Jenny’s mother his story about the jacket. She looks stunned, "My Daughter Jenny has been dead for over 5 years!" she exclaims. Tim didn’t believe her so she then took him to the grave site and showed him her grave. On top of the grave lay the jacket he had lent to Jenny

I’ve heard another variation of this story.
In this setting the locals are aware of this phenomenon and keep an "eye out" for the ghost hoping to see her. Several teenagers go cruising together every weekend looking for excitement when one night they see her. They stop, offer her a ride, which she accepts. She gets into the backseat with the boys sitting on either side of her and away they go. When they near the lonely intersection where she was killed she asks to be let out here please. They refuse to stop and drive through the intersection. She starts screaming and disintergrates before their eyes. The story ends with screeching brakes, car doors flying open, screaming boys diving out of the car, and a slightly teed off father who has to sell the car because he can’t get the faint but nagging smell of decay out of the vehicle.

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