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Watch Out Where You Sit

Syntia, Florida, USA

An old lady and her daughter were living in a small house on a large property. The house had been handed down by their ancestors and now the daughter would inherit it.

One day a businessman came and told them he wanted to buy the land to make a school. Because the land was in the family for many generations they did not agree. The man came back every few days and raised the price higher each time. The last time he came he told them it was his last offer and again they told him no. He got extremely angry and said he needed to go the bathroom. Inside the bathroom he took out a bomb he had brought with him and hid it behind the toilet. Saying he needed to go he and his helper drove as far away as they could from the house. The daughter was shopping when the bomb detonated and her mother was killed in the explosion.

The daughter was so angry that she ran down the ditch that the explosion had made and stayed there. When they could not find her they gave the property to the school. But instead of filling in the ditch they simply built over it. The bathrooms were directly over the ditch. How was the daughter suppose to eat? (ok this story has 2 characters, now we’re moving on to the next one).

A seventh grader lifted up her hand to go to the bathroom and the teacher gave her permission to go. After going to the bathroom she felt very weak as if half her blood had been drained. She went to class looking very pale. The next day the same girl asked to go to the bathroom and again the teacher said ok. After 30 minutes the Teacher started to get worried and sent another girl student to get her. The girl went to the bathroom but didn’t find her. She looked under the stalls and saw the girls shoes. She asked her if she was almost done, no answer. She opened the door and let out such a sharp loud scream that the class heard her and the teacher ran down to see what was the matter. She let out another pitiful shriek when she saw and ran down to the principle. After explaining to the principle the principle called 911 and ran to see the girl. The principle almost fainted at the site.

Paramedics rushed in and placed her on the stretcher and ran her to the hospital. Word came back that she died because something had drained out all her blood.

That something was you-know-who living in the ditch.

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